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We are looking for retailers, who want to realise the topic pole badges together with us, with fun and dedication. For locals and tourists, athletes and families. Hikers, mountaineers, skiers and travellers. There is a lot to laugh about, and thousands of stories to share. We have set up an offer for alpine huts and sports shops, wich allow a low risk entry and a great presentation at the POS. The sets include a display that fit seven different motifs, for example pole badges from the village, the state and modern designs.

9 reasons for pole batches


Well, new not quite, but sure they are a great surprise since they haven’t been around for more than 20 years. Truly new is the reliable solution, to stick them on modern poles.


To be sold or given, bent, particularly for hiking poles or flat for any surface. A souvenir, a trophy or a thank you. The range of use is wide, and the new designs also come in many styles.


They’re small, way only 1,2g and are affordable for everyone. They’re nice to take-away and great to give as a present. A thing that doesn’t burden life but still has a great effect.


Ski and trekking poles are used in the mountains every day. No matter if on a mountain hut, the parking lot or a gondola, the little badges are a true eye-catcher and a great hook-in for a little chat.


The  Original, made in Germany. The badges are manufactured of Aluminium, that also constitute the „sunray frame“. The Motif is UV and water resistant and also the glue is high performing.


This middle european cultural asset is well known way further than only in the alpine regions. Also the french, the dutch, italians and many more used to collect diligently.


Over 130 years of history! Memories from childhood days, grand parents and climbed peaks give the badges an emotional value wich is planted deep inside our conscious.


These collector items from back in the day have become heirlooms. Also the modern ski ant trekking poles can gain a personal value, if they become an individualized souvenir.


Well, skiing can hardly be considered a „green leisure“ but hiking certainly is. The pole badges are an inherent part of the hiking universe, is nice little reward for a day of hiking.

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