We would like to introduce you to Aliah Delia Eichinger. The young lady comes from Reichenberg, which is in the beautiful Bavarian Forest and she is pretty smart.

Do not be deceived by Aliah’s tender age, the girl has already experienced a lot! Among other things she is on the 2nd place of the German freeski scene! The whole thing started early, Alia was often skiing with her dad. The family Eichinger soon recognized her incredible talent and Aliah quickly threw herself over the first kicker.

Since the last school year, she has been visiting the Winter Sports Center in Berchtesgaden, an elite school for young winter sportsmen. Maria Riesch, Georg Hackel, Severin Freund and many others have already attended the school. More than one hundred medals at the Olympic Games, World Cups or World Championships were brought home by the former pupils. In this school Aliah is now working on her technique. It is now regarded as one of the greatest newcomers in the German Freeski scene, which is not surprising to us by Sweetsticks. With spectacular jumps and infinity, the ace flies through the air.

Her homespot is Snowtopia Park Reichenberg and the Absolutpark, but she has seen many mountains and parks in the Alps. Her competition-list has a considerable length and always with top placements, we have an overview of her results below.

Aliah has big goals and she works very hard! We are happy to accompany them with our ski poles on their way and wish them all the best!

Results Winter 2015/16

19.12.2015: Q-Parks-Tour Plan P, Planai: 3. Place Woman 1.Platz: Woman U15

13.01.2016: International Childrens Games,Innsbruck: 1. Place Girls (Gold)

23.01.2016: K2 Youngstars Challenge, Freeride: 1. Place

24.01.2016: K2 Youngstars Challenge, Slopestyle: 1. Place +  Winner Overall

13.02.2016: Q-Parks-Tour, Kitzbühel: 1. Place Woman

05.03.2016: Next Generation Tour, Garmisch: 1. Place Girls U15

12.03.2016: Penken Battle, Mayrhofen: 4. Place Woman

02.04.2016: Zsaep Experience, Absolut Park: 1. Place Girls

16.04.2016: Q-Parks-Tour Finals, Dachstein: 2. Place Freeski Grom Overall 3 .Place Overall Women

23.04.2016: FIS National Championships, Stubai: 1. Place Ladies

23.04.2016: Next Generation Tour, Contest Stubai: 1. Place Next Generation Tourstop Stubai

23.04.2016: Next Generation Tour, Tourwertung:  2. Place Overall

Results Winter 14/2015
  • Iron Jam, City Jib Contest,CZ: 3. Place Women´s Class
  • Youngstar Challenge, Nebelhorn, Freeride Contest: 5. Place
  • Youngstar Challenge, Nesselwang: Slopestyle Contest: 1.Place
  • Youngstar Challenge Overall Ranking: 3.Place
  • THE Snowtopia Contest, Reichenberg: 1.Place
  • Junior Jam, Westendorf: 1.Place
  • Wir Schanzen, Major Glacier, 2.Place Woman
  • Deutsche Freeski Meisterschaft, 2.Place Woman
Results Winter 12/2013
  • Wir Schanzen Stubai Jam, 02. Platz, U12 & 6. Platz Girls
  • Wir Schanzen Montafon, 01.Platz U12 & 5. Platz Girls
  • Mayrhofen Freeski Open 2013, 9. Platz Girls
  • THE Snowtopia Contest, Bavarian Forest, 09.02.2013: 1.Platz Girls
  • Wir Schanzen 5BBQ, Nesselwang, 1.Platz U12
  • Epoxy Contest 2013, 1.Platz Women
  • Austrian Freeski Open 2013, 17. Platz Women
  • Chill & Destroy Tour, Shreddn@Schmitten 2013:
  • 2.Platz U12 WIR Schanzen Overall Ranking
Results Winter 13/2014
  • Wir Schanzen, Stubai Jam 23.11.2013 Stubai, 4. Place Woman
  • Wir Schanzen, Major Glacier 01. Dez 13 Kaunertal, 4. Place Woman
  • Q-Parks Tour, Plan-P 22.12.2013 Planai, 4. Place Woman
  • Jib King 03.01.2014 Absolut Park, 5. Place Woman
  • City Jib Session 04.01.2014 Deggendorf, 2. Place, Rookies (Ski&SNB)
  • Wir Schanzen, Sajas Park Games 18.01.2014 Montafon, 4. Place Woman
  • K2 Youngstar´s Challenge SS 19.01.2014 Kleinwalsertal, 1. Place, Girl´s Class
  • Q-Parks-Tour, Sick-Trick Tour: 2. Platz, Freeski Girl U15
  • Q-Parks-Tour Final, Dachstein: 4. Platz Freeski, Women Class
  • Overall-Ranking Q-Parks Tour Freeski Women 13/14: 4.Place