Sunday morning. The Weather is something between “come on! Go out!” and “oh, it might start to rain at any moment.” I want to do something, I want to go anywhere and I’m hungry too. A look into the fridge shows there’s nothing to pick. At least nothing which is acceptable for me right now. A call to a dear friend was the rescue! She said that it’s been a while since we visited Agnes on the Verpeilhut the last time.


die schoene Natur am Wegesrand

Half an hour later we sat together highly motivated in the car. Passing the only traffic light within 20 kilometers, up a narrow lane by the not very attractive center of Prutz. Along the Faggenbach, the road winds past small villages and hamlets characteristic of the imposing yet very claustrophobic landscape of the Kaunertal. Feichten, the central and last place before the Kaunertal Glacier Road is reached in about 15 minutes.

From Feichten you have the possibility to walk up via a riser in about 3 hours to Verpeilhut, sufficient parking space, for example at the Kaunertal center are available. For those who like it rather shorter or in our case not having the most stable weather you can drive over a bumpy forest road by car to the Verpeilalm, also there are enough sparking spots.

The path takes us past a large herd of cows that linger on the lush green lawn. We continue along the stream until reaching an easy walk trail passes. The picturesque scenery is beautiful, everywhere is something to discover. If you look closely, or even a few meters from the proper route you can find one or the other cep or a few chanterelles. Also berry-friends are not forgotten, blueberries, cranberries, can picked here simply. Driven by hunger we reach our goal by brisk 25 minutes. Less hungry and all who are a little more relaxed, can do the tour in 45 – 60 minutes. For older people among us or even those that are not so good on foot, there is an opportunity: follow the forestry road.


What are these girls wearing?!

Silke in Rock auf der Verpeilhuette

At the top we will be checked up from head to toe from the numerous guests who have made themselves comfortable on the sunny terrace. Head shaking and incredulous looks were probably the most common reaction to our arrival. To briefly explain, our hiking outfit really does not correspond to the usual standard. During “normal hikers” walk with functional clothing, trekking poles and backpack we were out in our “Holiday outfit”. My friend in skirt and the so affectionately called by us “terrain Flip Flops” which are flip-flops with thicker soles in real life, I was wearing a dress with handbag instead backpack but at least with sports shoes. Imitation is not recommended.

Agnes swings the wooden spoon on the Verpeilhut and pampers its guests with traditional lodge food from fresh, local produce. A look at the lovely designed menu is in my case not necessary. I choose already Kaspressknödel (cheese dumplings) early morning on the couch at home. It may be that one or the other may disagree with me, or I might be a bit too far leaning out of the window but now I’m telling you that Agnes and her team provide the best Kaspressknödel in the area. You can choose either in a tasty soup or with a crisp mixed salad. Both highly recommended! As thirst quenchers drinking course classically a Skiwater before changing to beers or Radler.Speisekarte auf der Verpeilhuette

Long alone remains at the cozy cottage normally none, spend their holidays above the colourful mix of locals, day trippers, mountaineers, hikers, not forgetting family provides plenty to talk about. So it may well be that one in a corner listening to talk about ibex, deer domestic hunters and is discussed in the other which ultimately are the best blister now.

Just a few steps away is a small mountain chapel with the inscription “not concern you – live!” Invites you to linger and can be used by any individual as a place of rest and energy source. For children of the small stream traversed environment is the ideal adventure playground and the trailblazer among us are not forgotten in the fantastic surroundings.

Particularly popular tours would include the Madatschkopf (2783m), Schweikert (2881m) and the Verpeilspitze (3425m) but also Mooskopf (2532m) and Rofelewand (3354m) are quite noteworthy. Depending on your condition and surefootedness of child-friendly to challenging for everyone.

On the terrace is talking, laughing and singing, you can listen to, discussing, philosophizing about or is inspired by the wonderful landscape. For me, the time has stopped here in a positive sense, nobody stares permanently on the screen of a smartphone! It’s even not really possible to use a smartphone … no connection. You can try to walk around the hut to find a bar… or you ask the girls from the hut, they are experienced with this issue.