As Tobias was familiarized with its purple Balu the bear-skis and Marshmallow-like helmet, between the legs of his father with the substance snow, he would never have thought that this would be the beginning of a career as a skier with a lot of powder and steep terrain.

After countless ski courses in the local club, it took him – like so many others- into the “rod forest” where he is coiled several years between red and blue gates back and forth. For him, however, was relatively early clear that he did not want to stay forever in this area.

To broaden his horizons, he began quite early with the first training for snow sports instructors. During this time, a magical and unspeakable force dragged him more often out off-piste. Intoxicated by the feeling arose from these occasional forays a passion. Since then Tobias Wohlmannstetter discovers this “terrain” intensive and feels each of its facets with great heart beating.

For this reason it has drawn him from the blue-white home to the Holy Land Tirol, Innsbruck. There he could organize his free time, especially the winter optimally next to his industrial engineering studies.

Besides the usual slopes in Austria and Germany he has already felt the Bulgarian snow and as you can probably guess already he desires more. We have the crispy Season Edit 2016 here to introduce you to Tobias and so you can watch which magic leads him into nature.

More laughter and factual stories about the sympathetic Bavarian can you read here soon and who cannot wait, can look back on his page.

From secret sources, we were able to find out that Mr. Wohlmannstetter started already the ski season 2016/17! We wish him success, good luck and look forward to a great winter!